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We are made to worship. We are born with a God shaped hole that needs to be filled. We all worship something or someone whether we do it consciously or not. Some worship money, power or fame, others their careers, their house or their car. A good indicator or who or what we are worshipping is the amount of time we spend doing it. (How much more time do we spend watching TV than reading the Bible?) Worship of created things is ultimately unsatisfying.

Christians worship Jesus Christ ”because he's worth it“ (to use a well-known phrase). It is not just something we do at church, it is the way we live our lives. We want to serve and please our Saviour and friend. We praise him for what he has done for us. He loved and died for us while we we sinners so we could be with him eternally. (Romans 5:8).

We worship by praising our God with all our creative energies. We worship with song and dance and the waving of banners, with clapping and shouting “Hallelujah”. We worship Him in quiet prayer and in reading and studying His word.

At Camberwell we love to worship. We have many worship leaders who like a variety of musical styles. Our psalms, hymns and spiritual songs are both ancient and modern, from rousing to reflective. The bottom line is that we worship in spirit and in truth (John 4:23) and we worship enthusiastically.

Listen to Pastor Barry's sermon on Three Dimensional Worship.

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