Worship Songs

Geoff Stilwell - Worship Coordinator Alison MarrThe songs available here were composed by Geoff Stilwell, Worship Coordinator at WCG Camberwell, some in collaboration with Alison Marr, a very talented musician who plays the penny whistle (amongst other instruments).

The words of each song scan be seen on its own web page with an account of when and how it was written. The words and guitar chords can also be downloaded in text and pdf formats and you can listen to the song by downloading the associated mp3 file.

If you use any of the songs in your services please send us an email to let us know.

Song Subject
Grace First God loves us unconditionally and offers us grace no matter how imperfect we are. Downloads
Love Is Always Right Love should always be our response in every situation, even when it's difficult and even dangerous. Downloads
The Little People Christmas Song. Our God, Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby destined to die for us, the little people. Downloads
Hosanna to Hallelujah Easter Song. The events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. Downloads
On Passover Night Jesus example of service, washing the disciples' feet. Downloads
I Can See You God is evident in the everyday things around us we see hear and feel. Downloads

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