I Can See You

Words & Music by Geoff Stilwell

I can see You in the mellow orange sunset
At the closing of another perfect day
I can see You in the colours of a rainbow
Reflected sunlight on the raindrops play
I can see You in the towering volcano
Your mighty power there for all to see
And I see You in a warming household fireside
Where my family say "Welcome home" to me.

I can hear You in the early morning birdsong
I can hear You in a newborn baby's cry
I can hear You in the questioning of children
When the need to know just makes them ask us why
I can hear You in the thunder of the rainstorm
I hear You in the silence of the night
And when I'm low and feeling so discouraged
I can hear You say, 'Have faith, you'll be all right'.

I can feel You in the warming of the sunshine
I can feel You in the sharp, cold winter snow
When the rain falls I can feel You on my face
Creation tells me what I need to know
That you're with us, You lead us and You guide us
You're in us, You're our comforter and friend
When we worship You and ask You to come closer
You'll be right there in our hearts until the end.

© 2002 Geoff Stilwell

Song Story

The words of this song were written years ago (1994 ish) when I would cycle to work around Regents Park in London. To keep myself alert I would think about the ways that God makes Himself known to us in our everyday life: the sights and sounds of creation (Regents Park can look gorgeous sometimes), the ‘coincidences’ that happen to us, the relationships we have with our friends and family, and the love we experience.
I didn't even write anything down for a long time (difficult when you're on a bike), I'd just play around with phrases and rhymes in my head and, surprisingly(???) I remembered them all when it came to writing them down.
Whenever I've written any songs before, it was always with a collaborator who wrote wonderful melodies. I could never think of anything original. So I kept the words on my computer and forgot about them.
This year (2002), after I'd written 'On Passover Night' and people seemed to like it, I got it out again. Another motivation was Dave Bilbrough who I went to see at the Jermyn Street theatre. He sang a song with the same theme which encouraged me to try again with a melody.
Again, the melody seemed to come easily after I'd jiggled the words about to provide a different rhythmic feel.
‘I Can See You’ became it's title and it received its first outing on 16th November 2002.

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