On Passover Night

Words & Music by Geoff Stilwell

*** Chorus ***
Come let me kneel before you
Put your feet in the water
Let me wash the dust from off your feet
Jesus' example showed us
How we can serve each other
Come let me humbly serve your need
And wash your feet

On Passover night
Jesus wrapped a towel around him
Poured water into a bowl
And he washed his disciples' feet
They didn't understand
They knew he was the Son of God
But here he was kneeling at their feet.
(Repeat chorus)

But Peter complained
He said, "You must not wash my feet"
But Jesus replied
"You will have no part in me!"
"Later you will understand
I come to show another way,
Who is greater
The master or one who serves?"
(Repeat chorus)

Copyright © 2002 Geoff Stilwell

Song Story

Members of the WCG traditionally used to celebrate the Passover to commemorate Christ's sacrifice and death. Now we use Maundy Thursday to remember Christ's last evening with his disciples. This takes the form of a foot washing ceremony where each member washes another's feet, following Christ's example on the night before His crucifixion. We then take of the emblems of his body and blood — the bread and wine.

There didn't seem to be any songs about the foot washing act so I based the words on the 13th Chapter of John's Gospel.

I normally find melodies very difficult but this came quite easily and was ready to sing with our congregation at the 2002 Passover Service on 26th March.

Although it seems that the uses for the song would be quite limited, we have sung it when the theme of the sermon was Humility & Service.

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