Love Is Always Right

Geoff Stilwell

You're asked for some spare change
By a person in the street
And you wonder if it's worth it
Won't they spend it all on drink
You might think "Yes I will pray for them.",
But does that help them now?
There are no easy answers
You want to help, but how?

Jesus shows us love without distinction
The beggars and the rich, all in his sight
We all need His grace and His salvation
Jesus shows us Love is always right.

At work you take a phone call
Your boss gives you the eye
He says "Just tell them I'm not here"
But you can't tell a lie
You think of the consequences
If you should refuse
Is it really such a sin
The easy way to choose?

Jesus wants us all to be just like Him
He wants to clothe us in the purest white
If we love Him we will first obey him
Jesus shows us Love is always right.

You love the meek and gentle
Your family, your church
But what about the ones outside
The ones who want to hurt
They seek to persecute you
They scoff at your good news
How can you love such people
Who damage and abuse?

Jesus gave to us the great commission
To seek the lost and bring them into light
To serve them with the love of God that's in us
Jesus shows us Love is always right.

He was nailed upon the cross at Calv’ry
He went and died for us without a fight
He chose to love us while we were still sinners
Jesus shows us Love is always right.
He showed us then that love is always right

Copyright © 2002 Geoff Stilwell

Song Story

While Pastor Barry has been presenting the sermons on the book of Jonah, I've been reading a book called "Love Is Always Right - The key to making right moral decisions in an age of relative values" by Josh McDowell and Norm Geisler.

It examines how, as Christians we should always take the action which results in love (the health, happiness and growth of the loved), even when it's difficult. Christ said "Love your enemies" Matthew 5:44 and he set the example by loving the unloveable and dying on a cross for us while we were still sinners.

Jonah was told to preach to Ninevah. Jonah didn't want to be responsible for the Ninevites being forgiven. They were wicked, they deserved all they got. God wants to forgive everyone if they repent and accept Christ. It isn't up to us whom God will save. We must tell all about Jesus' Love for us. That is the loving thing to do.

I started thinking about the song as I was driving home from church, finding about rhymes for the word 'right'. The words were written that evening and the melody the following morning. I was able to introduce it to my house group that evening 16th September 2007 and it was performed again the following week at church.

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