Grace First

Words & Music by Geoff Stilwell

What love
That while we were still enemies
God sent his Son to die
For us, for me,
For everyone who trusts in Him
and receives

*** Chorus ***
Grace first,
God offers us grace first
Not good in ourselves
but in Jesus
Our downward path reversed
Heaven's mercy
Grace first Grace first

What pain
He suffered on that cross of shame
The burden of our sin
On Him so we
Could be beside our Father
(Repeat chorus to... Heaven's mercy)
(Repeat chorus then...)
Grace first Grace first

Copyright © 2010 Geoff Stilwell

Song Story

Grace First was inspired by a WCG Conference on Sunday 13th June 2010 led by our Director for the UK, James Henderson

It was an inspiring and uplifting day with messages by James, David Silcox and David Stirk with smaller group workshops in the afternoon.

The theme of the day, Grace First, came over loud and clear. Most people (even Christians) worry that we're not good enough. We cannot reach or even come close to the unattainable perfection of God.

But God is not looking at our sinfulness, He is looking at Christ's righteousness. We don't have to change or become ‘better’ to be able to accept God's grace. God loves us so much his gift of grace is unconditional. It is offered first, it is ‘out there’ before we are even aware of it.

It was a week or so before I was able to start writing/composing but the song came quickly and had its first presentation on Saturday 26th June.

  • Words and guitar chords in PDF format
  • Audio in mp3 format

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