Commissioning of Pastoral Council

And Ordination of Deaconess

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Commissioning of the Camberwell Pastoral Council
And Ordination of Deaconess

The Camberwell church service on the 1st of December 2012 included a special event - the commissioning of the Camberwell Pastoral Council. National Director, James Henderson and his wife Shirley were there for the occasion.

James Henderson explained the purpose and role of Pastoral Councils and then commissioned Winston Gyimah, Barbara Wilkinson and Camberwell Pastor Barry Robinson as members of the Council for an initial term of three years. The Council will be chaired by Barry Robinson.

Following that Julie Gyimah was ordained to serve the Camberwell congregation as a deaconess.

James Henderson gave a sermon which focussed on the significance of the star of Bethlehem, and the visit of the Magi to the place of Jesus’ birth.

Following the service, the congregation and their visitors enjoyed a fellowship meal.

Peter Howick

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