Water for the Thirsty
Weekly Devotional

Water for the Thirsty

All Of Us Together

Weekly Devotional

‘As the deer pants for streams of water so my soul pants for you, O God’. (Psalm 42:1)
‘…Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink”…’ (John 7:37)

12th August 2012

It's easy to give up on the church. We get hurt. We get discouraged. We can burn out.

But have you ever thought of the church as a team?

In most sports teams there is a star player. Get the ball to him and he’ll score the goal. Get him to the crease and he’ll score the runs or take the wickets.

For many of the ‘stars’ it’s all about statistics, how many goals, how many runs, how many wickets. They are just interested in furthering their careers.

Just occasionally you come across a team that plays together as a team. Where there isn’t just one person upon whom everyone else relies or looks to for success, but every team member is doing his or her utmost to move the team forward to win the game.

Each player on the field or in the court has a role to play.

And when each plays that role well; keeping their eye on the ball; the whole team benefits.

When one player just goes through the motions, the team is crippled.

If a key member of the team is injured, or just doesn’t show up for the game, the whole team suffers.

A healthy church has a lot in common with a finely oiled sports team.

Church shouldn’t be just a spectator sport with a few players entertaining the crowd.

Church, especially a small church, relies on each person actively doing what he or she does best.

Church is a team sport.

Everybody is important; everybody has a part to play.

As Paul put it:

‘The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ. Some of us are Jews, some are Gentiles, some are slaves, and some are free. But we have all been baptized into one body by one Spirit, and we all share the same Spirit. Yes, the body has many different parts, not just one part. If the foot says, “I am not a part of the body because I am not a hand,” that does not make it any less a part of the body. And if the ear says, “I am not part of the body because I am not an eye,” would that make it any less a part of the body? If the whole body were an eye, how would you hear? Or if your whole body were an ear, how would you smell anything? But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it. How strange a body would be if it had only one part! Yes, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye can never say to the hand, “I don’t need you.” The head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you.” In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary. And the parts we regard as less honorable are those we clothe with the greatest care. So we carefully protect those parts that should not be seen, while the more honorable parts do not require this special care. So God has put the body together such that extra honor and care are given to those parts that have less dignity. This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other. If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad. All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it. (1 Corintuhians 12:12–27 NLT)

All of us together are Christ’s body.

All of us together are a part of Christ’s team.

What is your role in the team (congregation)?

What teamwork are you contributing for the benefit of the church family?

Is there scope for you to play role rather than just sit in the stands (pews)?

To all of those active team members, thank you for being for being an indispensable part of our congregation.

For those who would like to get more actively involved, let’s talk about what opportunities are available, as there is a part for you to play in a team that has the goal of glorifying God and bringing people to Christ.

We are all in this together.

Have a good week, thinking about ways you can serve in God’s team.

Pastor Barry

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